Using Hair Extensions on Your Wedding day!

Hair Extensions have become super popular with Brides & I’m predicting we’ll see an increase in 2019 weddings!

We all know the benefits of  using extensions:

  • Add Volume / Fullness (in updos or down styles)
  • Add length!
  • Allows for more options because there’s more hair to work with!

But I still have a ton of Brides who have a lot of fears or concerns:

  • Is it going to look fake?
  • What kind of extensions should I buy?
  • How much should I expect to spend?

I am personally a HUGE fan of extensions & I have never, in 10 years, had a Bride buy hair extensions and decide NOT to use them.

Here’s the rundown for all of your questions & concerns!

  1.  Is It going to look fake?

It is important to make sure your hair extensions MATCH your hair color, as close as possible. You may also need to add layers into your extensions in order for them to properly blend with yours. You can do this by taking them into a salon.

2. What kind of extensions should I buy & how much should I spend?

We recommend two different types of extensions.

If you are looking to wear these extensions for 1 to 4 months, long term, we suggest looking into the Tape Method. This method will need to be installed & removed by a licensed professional in a salon & the hair should be ordered through the salon as well.

You can expect to spend about $400 – $600 for the cost of the hair + installation.

If you are most interested in wearing extensions just for your wedding day, we suggest the Clip-On extensions. This method can be applied by your wedding day hairstylist and then you can easily remove them yourself before you go to bed that night. You can also learn how to install them yourself if you want to have some fun with them on any other occasion.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $80 – $500 on clip-on hair extensions depending on the quality of hair you buy and the length. If you are ONLY going to wear these extensions for 1 day on your wedding day, you do not have to purchase the most expensive extensions because you are not purchasing for the longevity of the hair.

I hope that helps and if you still have questions, definitely reach out to us! You can contact us directly through email at

Photo by Christine Hanks

Why You Won’t Need a Makeup Touch Up Kit!

In the blog post, we’ll tell you WHY you WILL NOT need a Makeup Touch up Kit when you hire our Team of Wedding Hair and Makeup professionals. We’ll also share some precautions you can take and emergency options for those who really want perfection on their special day!

When it’s done right…

Years ago we used to offer Touch Up services and we realized that every time we arrived a couple hours later to “touch up” our beautiful Bride & her girls… They actually DIDN’T need any touch-ups. We would basically re-apply the lipstick and maybe a dab of powder but that was about it.

A lot of our brides report to us that the makeup we applied lasted all day & night, sometimes even til the next day! The reason for this has a lot to do with our experience, our techniques and selecting the right products to use for each person’s unique skin type.

VISIT: For more on how we achieve long-lasting makeup & what actually causes makeup to disappear over time.

The exception to the rule!

Unless you use a lip-stain or something like the trendy LipSense lipsticks, you will most likely need to touch up your lips. I suggest you purchase a lipstick to touch up through out the day.

If you have extremely oily skin, like above average, you may also need a touch-up powder and that’s

For the extra cautious Brides

If you’re reading this and you’re still thinking you want to be prepared for any situation. I get it. This is such a special day!

In that case we do offer our services at an hourly rate but we like to think of it more like purchasing Beauty Insurance! We’re there just in case you need us and or something unpredictable happens.

Hire our team for high-quality service!

When you hire our team of highly experienced professionals, you can rest assured your makeup will stay put. I definitely recommend to purchase a lipstick as you will most likely need to touch up the lips, especially after eating!

For questions and booking inquiries, email us at

The Secret to long-lasting Wedding Makeup!

The concern your wedding makeup will not stay put, smudge, melt off or completely disappear, is pretty common. This is the biggest and probably most photographed day of your life! I don’t blame you for being concerned about the makeup staying all day & night!

In this blog we’re sharing a few secrets our Bridal Beauty Experts use to ensure your makeup will be flawless through all the happy tears & even dance sweat!

What causes makeup to wear off?

There is a number of reasons why you may have experienced this, here’s a few!

  • The makeup selected was not the right choice for your skin type
  • The quality of the makeup
  • Not using proper techniques & tools to apply the makeup
  • Not prepping the skin properly
  • Not using Face and Eye primers
  • Not setting the makeup properly

Secret #1 Select the right products for your skin type

As humans, we were all made unique! When it comes to makeup, it is very important that you select products that are designed for your specific skin type whether its dry, oily, normal or a combination of those!

You may also have dry skin in some areas and oily in other areas. You might also have extremely dry skin or extremely oily skin, you’ll want to use certain products for each circumstance.

An experienced Makeup Artist will ask all of these questions during the consultation and will have a kit full of products for every skin type!

BTS Wedding Makeup in Monterey, California Photo by Randall Gee

Secret #2 Use high-end brands!

Now is NOT the time to use drugstore brands! High-end brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Makeup Forever, Estee Lauder etc. use high-quality ingredients and tend to carry higher pigmentation. This is a huge factor in the longevity of your makeup!

Wedding in Monterey, California Photo by Randall Gee

Secret #3 Use makeup brushes, not fingers!

One common mistake I hear is applying foundation, concealer, blush etc. with your fingers!
Using proper tools and techniques will not only give you a flawless look but also allows for an even application.

There are also tons of techniques that can enhance the lifespan of your makeup, such as pressing into the foundation with a makeup sponge and then applying the foundation powder. The right techniques used in combo with the right tools will definitely add hours to your makeup!

Secret #4 Prepping the skin

As stated before in secret #1, it’s important to select moisturizers, primers, oils, fillers, for your specific skin type! Prepping the skin properly is the foundation to a great makeup application, if this step isn’t done right, everything else might not stay put.

Fernwood Cellars Wedding in Gilroy, California Photo by Archer Inspired

Secret #5 Prime the canvas!

Applying primer acts as a base and has a multiple benefits. Using an eye primer, you’ll notice the eyeshadow colors are vibrant & true to color. A primer will also smooth out the skin and also gives something for the makeup to “stick” to, which is why you’re makeup will last much longer using both face & eye primers!

Secret #6 Setting your makeup

There are numerous ways to set the makeup during the application and afterwards. How you would set the makeup also greatly depends on your skin type & your desired look (matte, dewy, medium, light, or full coverage)

A few common methods are powders and setting sprays. A good setting spray is the final step to sealing your Wedding Day look!

So Basically…

If you want your Makeup to last on the most special day of your life, hire our Team of Wedding Beauty Experts! That’s an investment you won’t regret!

For more information, email us at View our work at

Fancy Monte Carlo Wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Planning your wedding in Las Vegas? Here’s why we loved Monte Carlo Hotel!

One factor when selecting your wedding venue should be beautiful scenery that reflects your style! Monte Carlo’s elegant vibes were inspired by the gorgeous French Riviera… yea that pretty much says it all!

I loved how Ivette’s Updo & Makeup complimented the elegance of the Monte Carlo Hotel! As well as the hair accessory, jewelry, and dress, everything came together perfectly. She made a stunning Bride!

One more thing I must mention about Monte Carlo is how friendly the staff were. They were all very kind and accommodating.

So, all in all we are a fan of elegant Weddings at Monte Carlo!

Las Vegas Wedding Florals by Rosie Posie Flowers

5 Reasons to say YES to Koolau Ballrooms

Powder Blue Styled Shoot _ Koolau Ballrooms _Vanessa Hicks Photography-3247

Aloha Brides!

For those of you who are searching for that perfect place to say I DO,

Take a look at our Top 5 reasons to book Koolau Ballrooms, located on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii!!  I have to thank Vanessa Hicks Photography for these gorgeous photos and helping us put together this blog post!

  1. THE VIEW!! Here, you can capture a rare sight of the iconic Koolau Mountain Range. This view of the mountain range is not easy to find anywhere else on the Island!

Powder Blue Styled Shoot _ Koolau Ballrooms _Vanessa Hicks Photography-3325

2. THE FOOD! The catering & food at this venue is delicious! Just take our word for it!

3. BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAM! This venue also allows you to bring in your own perfectly selected vendors! If you have a photographer you have been stalking for years or a certain Hair & Makeup Team you adore (*wink *wink 😉 ) Here, you can create your own dream team with no limitations!

Powder Blue Styled Shoot _ Koolau Ballrooms _Vanessa Hicks Photography-3869

4. A BACKDROP LIKE NO OTHER! One of the most important things to consider for your wedding day PHOTOS is the scenery! I don’t have to say much, the photos speak for themselves!

5. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE: The staff here is so friendly & easy to work with from the couples stand pint as well as with the vendors!

To book Koolau Ballrooms you will want to talk to Vanessa Knapp at 808-954-7000

Learn more about Koolau Ballrooms at


Photos & Tips by Vanessa Hicks

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Calligraphy: @thesimpleflourish

Furniture Rentals: @visions_hawaii

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Vintage Car: @classiclimos

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WHEN Should I Schedule a Hair & Makeup Trial Run??

This is a question we get asked A LOT. Planning a wedding is a huge task, no matter the size. I usually recommend to book your trial run as soon as possible BUT after you’ve selected your dress.

Once you’ve found that perfect, special, gown, you should have a better idea as to what kind of image you’re looking for. The neckline and details of the dress may help to determine if you will want to wear your hair up or down. I’ve also had Bride’s request a vintage inspired look to go with their vintage inspired dress or a modern & sleek style to go with their modern dress.

After you’ve got an idea of what type of Hair & Makeup will fit best, do not hesitate to book your test run! Most Hair & Makeup Artists book anywhere from 6 months to a year or 2 in advance!



Photograph By Jessica Purgason


5 Tips to achieve a Natural & Photo-worthy makeup look

  • A key ingredient to keeping it natural but also remaining photogenic, is to focus on the skin. Make sure you’re using products that are made specifically for your skin type, whether it’s dry, oily, normal or a combo.


  • The face makeup should look natural even if there’s primer, concealer, foundation, highlight & contour, bronzer and blush, all on there. The foundation should never appear cakey or too heavy/ thick.


  • A natural glow: keep it slightly glowy with bronzers & highlighters. Even this can be overdone, so keep it light.


  • Decide what the focus point will be. Usually with a natural look, you can choose to draw more attention to the lips, by adding a pop of color. You can also focus of the lashes by going a little more dramatic with the falsies. Another option would be to add a lil more blush.


  • Stick to soft neutral tones for eyeshadows. Sometimes all you need is a light brown shade in the crease and a black gel eyeliner.


The Natural look should just simply enhance the gorgeous features you already have.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’re set!



5 Tools To Create Bombshell Curls

  • Aquage Paddle Smooth Brush: This brush is amazing at keeping the hair frizz – free and smooth.
  • Aquage Teasing Comb: I use this bad boy to create tons of volume! Of course, you can use any teasing comb you prefer.
  • Babyliss Flat Iron / Curling Iron: Babyliss is my FAVORITE brand for curling irons and flat irons. I love this brand for their quality and the results their tools give me.
  • Aquage Working Spray: This is my MIRACLE product! I usually call her my secret weapon. Spray the working spray on the hair you want to curl, comb through and then curl. The curls will hold and last FOREVER (on most hair types) AND if you brush through it a little, your curls will also be super soft with the same amount of hold!
  • Aquage Freezing Spray : This is what I use at the end of the style to seal the deal. Just a little needed and your style will be set! This hairspray also smells amazing, we get so many compliments all the time while styling bridal parties because of the scent!



5 Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Day Glam Squad!

This is such an exciting time and we know that planning a WEDDING can be madness!  This article was designed to assist you in selecting the perfect glam pro for you!  We hope to shed some light on our industry and hopefully prevent you from getting into some unfortunate situations.

Here’s some questions to think about, thoughts and tips when interviewing your potential glam squad.

Professionalism:  Are they responsible and punctual? Do they respond to messages in a timely manner? Did they show up on time for the trial run? How organized do they seem to be?

Professionalism, to me, is one of the MOST important qualities you should look for. This is such an important day, you want to make sure you select someone who is reliable & punctual.

The Amount of Experience with Weddings: Hiring a professional with experience has huge advantages. Although you may pay slightly more, an experienced artist will know the ins & outs of the wedding day. They’ll know what to expect & what the normal sequence of events is. Experienced Artists also have their timing down, which means there’s less of a chance that you’ll end up running off schedule. Lastly, an experienced professional can deliver high quality service (hair & makeup will stay secured all night) because they’ve worked out all the kinks, they know what methods work best!

 Portfolio & Reviews: Make sure you view their portfolio. Does their work photograph well? (at the end of it all, all you have are the photos to look back on) Can they deliver the looks or styles you desire? It’s always helpful to also read a few reviews from past clients.

Do they have a Team? Do they work alone or do they have a network of Artists they can bring with them to help? This is very important, especially for larger bridal parties! On the day of the wedding, staying on time is very important. Someone who is working alone may also require an unnecessary start time which can be an inconvenience to the Bride & Bridal party if it’s too early. Hiring a team or multiple artists will help reduce stress on both ends (the Bride & the Artist)

Contracts and Deposits: Contracts protect both the client & the Artist. Any professional & experienced Artist should be able to provide a contract. There are many different variations of contracts. The main benefit for a client is to have the Artist agree to provide specified services at a specific rate ON your wedding date, this ensures your Artist will show up and there will be no rate changes. Most professionals also require a deposit in order to secure your date, along with a signed contract. Make sure you receive a receipt or some kind of record for the deposit you paid.

We hope you found this article helpful! Subscribe to the right, for more useful content!

(Photography by: Randall Gee




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