5 Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Day Glam Squad!

This is such an exciting time and we know that planning a WEDDING can be madness!  This article was designed to assist you in selecting the perfect glam pro for you!  We hope to shed some light on our industry and hopefully prevent you from getting into some unfortunate situations.

Here’s some questions to think about, thoughts and tips when interviewing your potential glam squad.

Professionalism:  Are they responsible and punctual? Do they respond to messages in a timely manner? Did they show up on time for the trial run? How organized do they seem to be?

Professionalism, to me, is one of the MOST important qualities you should look for. This is such an important day, you want to make sure you select someone who is reliable & punctual.

The Amount of Experience with Weddings: Hiring a professional with experience has huge advantages. Although you may pay slightly more, an experienced artist will know the ins & outs of the wedding day. They’ll know what to expect & what the normal sequence of events is. Experienced Artists also have their timing down, which means there’s less of a chance that you’ll end up running off schedule. Lastly, an experienced professional can deliver high quality service (hair & makeup will stay secured all night) because they’ve worked out all the kinks, they know what methods work best!

 Portfolio & Reviews: Make sure you view their portfolio. Does their work photograph well? (at the end of it all, all you have are the photos to look back on) Can they deliver the looks or styles you desire? It’s always helpful to also read a few reviews from past clients.

Do they have a Team? Do they work alone or do they have a network of Artists they can bring with them to help? This is very important, especially for larger bridal parties! On the day of the wedding, staying on time is very important. Someone who is working alone may also require an unnecessary start time which can be an inconvenience to the Bride & Bridal party if it’s too early. Hiring a team or multiple artists will help reduce stress on both ends (the Bride & the Artist)

Contracts and Deposits: Contracts protect both the client & the Artist. Any professional & experienced Artist should be able to provide a contract. There are many different variations of contracts. The main benefit for a client is to have the Artist agree to provide specified services at a specific rate ON your wedding date, this ensures your Artist will show up and there will be no rate changes. Most professionals also require a deposit in order to secure your date, along with a signed contract. Make sure you receive a receipt or some kind of record for the deposit you paid.

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(Photography by: Randall Gee http://www.randallgee.com)




5 thoughts on “5 Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Day Glam Squad!

  1. Keao says:

    I completely agree about professionalism. Although my trial run with my hair/make-up artist was timely, I came to their office/studio, they were 45 minutes late on my wedding day. I was so stressed and because we were rushed for time, I didn’t like my hair as much on my wedding day as what we had done on my trial session. It was too bad because she was talented, but you also need timeliness!!


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