5 Tools To Create Bombshell Curls

  • Aquage Paddle Smooth Brush: This brush is amazing at keeping the hair frizz ā€“ free and smooth.
  • Aquage Teasing Comb: I use this bad boy to create tons of volume! Of course, you can use any teasing comb you prefer.
  • Babyliss Flat Iron / Curling Iron: Babyliss is my FAVORITE brand for curling irons and flat irons. I love this brand for their quality and the results their tools give me.
  • Aquage Working Spray: This is my MIRACLE product! I usually call her my secret weapon. Spray the working spray on the hair you want to curl, comb through and then curl. The curls will hold and last FOREVER (on most hair types) AND if you brush through it a little, your curls will also be super soft with the same amount of hold!
  • Aquage Freezing Spray : This is what I use at the end of the style to seal the deal. Just a little needed and your style will be set! This hairspray also smells amazing, we get so many compliments all the time while styling bridal parties because of the scent!



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