5 Tips to achieve a Natural & Photo-worthy makeup look

  • A key ingredient to keeping it natural but also remaining photogenic, is to focus on the skin. Make sure you’re using products that are made specifically for your skin type, whether it’s dry, oily, normal or a combo.


  • The face makeup should look natural even if there’s primer, concealer, foundation, highlight & contour, bronzer and blush, all on there. The foundation should never appear cakey or too heavy/ thick.


  • A natural glow: keep it slightly glowy with bronzers & highlighters. Even this can be overdone, so keep it light.


  • Decide what the focus point will be. Usually with a natural look, you can choose to draw more attention to the lips, by adding a pop of color. You can also focus of the lashes by going a little more dramatic with the falsies. Another option would be to add a lil more blush.


  • Stick to soft neutral tones for eyeshadows. Sometimes all you need is a light brown shade in the crease and a black gel eyeliner.


The Natural look should just simply enhance the gorgeous features you already have.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’re set!




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