Using Hair Extensions on Your Wedding day!

Hair Extensions have become super popular with Brides & I’m predicting we’ll see an increase in 2019 weddings!

We all know the benefits of  using extensions:

  • Add Volume / Fullness (in updos or down styles)
  • Add length!
  • Allows for more options because there’s more hair to work with!

But I still have a ton of Brides who have a lot of fears or concerns:

  • Is it going to look fake?
  • What kind of extensions should I buy?
  • How much should I expect to spend?

I am personally a HUGE fan of extensions & I have never, in 10 years, had a Bride buy hair extensions and decide NOT to use them.

Here’s the rundown for all of your questions & concerns!

  1.  Is It going to look fake?

It is important to make sure your hair extensions MATCH your hair color, as close as possible. You may also need to add layers into your extensions in order for them to properly blend with yours. You can do this by taking them into a salon.

2. What kind of extensions should I buy & how much should I spend?

We recommend two different types of extensions.

If you are looking to wear these extensions for 1 to 4 months, long term, we suggest looking into the Tape Method. This method will need to be installed & removed by a licensed professional in a salon & the hair should be ordered through the salon as well.

You can expect to spend about $400 – $600 for the cost of the hair + installation.

If you are most interested in wearing extensions just for your wedding day, we suggest the Clip-On extensions. This method can be applied by your wedding day hairstylist and then you can easily remove them yourself before you go to bed that night. You can also learn how to install them yourself if you want to have some fun with them on any other occasion.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $80 – $500 on clip-on hair extensions depending on the quality of hair you buy and the length. If you are ONLY going to wear these extensions for 1 day on your wedding day, you do not have to purchase the most expensive extensions because you are not purchasing for the longevity of the hair.

I hope that helps and if you still have questions, definitely reach out to us! You can contact us directly through email at

Photo by Christine Hanks

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